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N4 Workout

Functional Integrated Training - Fitness For Life

Personal Training with a difference.
Our mission is to maximise your body’s performance and your quality of life.  

Originally developed for rehabilitation purposes, Functional Integrated Training concentrates on movement patterns and the natural biomechanics of body to handle real life situations.
The key to functional exercise is integration and adaptation, it teaches the muscles to work together rather than isolating them to work independently.
This allows the individual to perform the activities of daily life or sports easily and with less chance of injury.
Working in conjunction with 'Integrated Body Dynamics' ( we are able to offer access to some of the UK's leading physical therapists, ranging from Sports Massage therapists, orthopedic and cranial sacral therapy as well as many other neuromuscular techniques. This direct link allows us to seamlessly continue the rehabilitation work started by these professionals.
We also focus on Pre rehabilitation work, that is prescribing strength and conditioning exercises for specific muscles that help to reduce injury risks, before an injury actually occurs.


We are a dedicated and qualified training team; Mervyn, Stefan, Tom, Sarah, Juan and Vishal and we’re here to help you reach your fitness goals and get fit for life!

Meet the team and pop in for chat next time you’re passing or email us at

2 for the Price of 1

Train with a friend or your partner and take advantage of our summer special offer. Just £50 per session, there's no excuse for either of you!


Teaching ITEC students from Integrated Body Dynamics functional movements and stretches  

Praise for N4

“I always enjoy my sessions with Mervyn, though I am far from athletic. I am encouraged, supported, and end up doing things I didn’t think I could do. Mervyn is completely on side – better than any therapist. He is creative, resourceful, thoughtful and intelligent, so that every session is different. Mervyn’s attention to detail and knowledge of the body means that he is great at rehab. And it’s fun!”


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