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7am – 9pm Weekdays

8am – 8pm Saturdays

9am – 6pm Sundays








19 Ferme Park Rd,
Stroud Green, London
N4 4DS





Mervyn Espie
Founder & Senior Functional Fitness Trainer

"Having experienced serious injury as a child, I knew first hand the benefits of mobility training alongside regular and specific exercises, and wanted to maintain them as a part of my own routine to sustain the very active yet pain free lifestyle I enjoyed. I wanted to be 'Fit For Life'.
I established n4workout in January 2012, and opened the doors to the local community in March of the same year. Starting with 6 clients and 1 personal trainer, n4workout has continued to grow and we now have over 200 clients working with 7 professional trainers. Each of our trainers is highly qualified across all fields of the fitness industry, and I am extremely proud to work alongside all of them.
Our clients are a diverse bunch who currently range from 16 to 89 years of age. All their various needs, and their goals are considered and catered for individually. Whether they are training for sporting events as varied as triathlons, mountaineering, marathons; or looking for rehabilitation post injury, stroke, or trauma; or simply just aiming for general increased fitness and a lifestyle change, we work closely with each one to help them to achieve their goals.
If you're still not sure that we're right for you, we offer a free 'No Obligation' Fitness Assessment and a Nutrition Consultation where you can come in and say hello, and discuss how we may be able to help you out.
We look forward to meeting and working with you!"

Our Equipment

  • Bulgarian Bags

  • Kettlebells 8kg-32kg

  • Clubbells

  • Dumbbells 2-45kg

  • Olympic Barbells and Bumpers -110 kg

  • Medicine Balls / Slam balls

  • Steel discs

  • Sliders

  • Boxing bags and pads


  • Powerbags and Sand bags

  • Power and resistance bands

  • Stroops

  • Battle ropes

  • Skipping ropes (Heavy 4kg and speed )

  • Cardio
    - Rowing machine  - treadmill
    - AMP cross trainer

  • Yoga mats, blocks, belts and bolsters.



We are very proud to work alongside our neighbours at Integrated Body Dynamics, 17 Ferme Park Road. We are able to offer a direct link to some of the UK's leading physical therapists, ranging from Sports Massage Therapists, to Osteopaths and Craniosacral Therapists, as well as many other complementary health techniques and therapies. The team at Integrated Body Dynamics are great friends and neighbours of ours, and it is wonderful to know that we can support each other in supporting our clients (many of whom we share) as we share knowledge, equipment and advice (as well as a dishwasher!) between our two businesses.