We give you the right exercises to help correct your problems and improve your overall function.

Corrective Exercise:  Corrective exercises are a powerful tool to improve your function.  Sometimes people have a hard time doing something relatively simple like squatting, bending or reach without pain.  In many cases the body simply has a problem recruiting the right muscles in the right order to get the job done.   When used appropriately, corrective exercises assist the body in re-establishing the normal recruiting pattern and provide immediate improvement.

Functional Exercise: Exercises that help you return to specifically what you do are referred to as functional.  A functional exercise for a multidirectional athlete like a football player will be different from what is needed by a track athlete who needs straight line speed.  At n4workout we set exercises specifically for you and your own function.  Whether you be a golfer, a stay at home mum, construction worker, triathlete, whatever your function, we will create exercises specifically for you.