“One of the key things that’s kept me motivated to have fitness training at n4workout has been the attentiveness and professionalism of my trainer, Mervyn. I’ve been impressed by the session to session structure, each one designed to build on the last and tailor made for me. Mervyn creates fun, exciting sessions and it’s great to share humorous banter and joint enthusiasm for my progress while knowing that he keeps me disciplined with his acute awareness of the physiology of where I’m at and where I want to be.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s session. Your teaching was very clear, straightforward, and delivered in a way and which made me feel that i could do it (and therefore made it more likely that i would succeed).  It was also interesting – by the end of the session it was clear why good technique is worth achieving.

I think your style is a real asset. being overweight, and well over 50, I wouldn’t have come other than to support Mervyn. It was a bit daunting: I could easily tell myself that are not the right kind of participant; I shouldn’t be there, etc. Your straightforwardness simply bypassed all of that.  It left no room for individual judgments.  That’s a very good leveller, and in a world which is so much about appearance, it’s refreshing.  With an attitude like that, issues that participants might have about size, gender, colour – the kind of judgments that are often a backdrop to life, disappear.

There is no room for posturing in good kettle bell technique. It is precise, hard, and not pretty.  I think that too is a good model, especially for women.”


“It was a really useful session. Thank you for n4 for organising it and Nancy’s truly hard work and commitment. It was great to meet you all again. Look forward to many more like this one :)"


“Thanks for the session really enjoy it, looking forward to seeing how bad I look on the video!”


“Thank you for such a great workout this morning. I am still zingy from session @n4workout always different, always challenging. Thanks!”