Each of our trainers is a integral part of the dedicated, highly qualified and motivational team at n4workout.

With a wealth of knowledge from years of experience behind us, alongside the desire to keep up to date with the newest training methods and techniques, we aim to ensure we deliver the best training sessions to all our clients, whatever their personal goals may be.  We’re here to help you reach your fitness goals and get you Fit For Life.

From left to right: Darren Ogbebor, Melissa Power, Mervyn Espie, Loliya Harrison, Vishal Khednah, Yvette Carter, Mark Thirst and Emily Newson.

From left to right: Darren Ogbebor, Melissa Power, Mervyn Espie, Loliya Harrison, Vishal Khednah, Yvette Carter, Mark Thirst and Emily Newson.

Meet the Team

Mervyn Espie

Functional Fitness Trainer

Obesity and Diabetes Level 4
REP registered Level 3 Personal Trainer
S.A.C. Dip. Personal Fitness Trainer, Level 3
A.D.P.F Certificate in Kettle-Bell Training.

Fitness and health have always been important to Mervyn. After a serious car accident as a child resulting in a broken back, he was informed that at 25 he would have difficulties walking. He decided that this was not his destiny and started running and exercising regularly to slow down or halt the process.
After boxing training for several years, he was introduced to Kettlebell training for strength and endurance training which increased his fitness 100%. He decided to turn his hobby into a profession and trained to become a personal trainer. Since then he has maintained a high level of fitness for 30 plus years and still competes in challenges to push his boundaries: from swimming the channel in 2005, a 100 mile run in in 24 hours, obstacle courses, sprints and endurance training events.


Darren Ogbebor

Personal Trainer

Level 3 in Personal Training and Nutrition

Darren is a passionate and lead-by-example personal trainer, who always tries to bring fun and humour to his sessions as he believes you are more likely to excel at something if you are having fun and enjoying it. He is always seeking new training methods and trying to learn and grow as a trainer.
He has worked in the industry since 2009, including at gyms fitness first and LA fitness.
Darren has been athletic throughout his life playing football competitively since primary school, throughout university, & he currently plays Sunday league. He is is qualified (FA Level 1) to coach football and he has coached various youth and mens teams.
He also competed as an amateur for Islington boxing club from between the ages of 16-24 and has a wealth of boxing experience. Darren is an aspiring fitness competitor and in the near future hopes to compete in physique competitions as this is a passion of his, and a big motivation to his own training.


VISHAL Khednah

Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Vishal is a Corrective Exercise Specialist who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his clients and his team. His expertise and specialities are with postural correction, movement, core stability and dealing with injuries, especially with clients in pain.

He is one of the best fitness professionals you would be lucky to find this side of North London.  A coach, friend, educator and all round nice guy whose work and career spans over 18 years in the industry, working in London and abroad. His clients describe him as always smiling and always motivational.

Vishal has all the qualities you would expect from an experienced professional.  Continually learning and educating, he helps all walks of life to help achieve whatever it is they desire.  He firmly believes in the mind-body-spirit connection and making them all work in balance.  His passion and diverse training methods have earned him a respected following of committed clients, from celebrities to the working mum.

His style of training and teaching is unorthodox but unique.  Mixing what he has learnt from styles of yoga, pilates, functional training, trigger point and fascia realease and animal flow to name a few,
his exercise and training methods are mainly based on bodyweight exercises, flowing exercises, flexibility and mobility, and teaching injury prevention and recovery.


Melissa Power

Personal Trainer

After a road traffic accident resulting in broken bones and muscle injury Melissa recuperated by HIIT training, spinning and weightlifting, She loved it so much she decide to turn it into a career of over ten years. She then decided to leave her other TV production job and now whizzes around London on her bicycle from dawn until dusk shouting enthusiastically at sweaty people. Having lost 2 stone after her accident Melissa knows what it’s like to approach a big goal and is passionate about encouraging her clients to try things they never thought they could (anyone can do a pull-up!).
Melissa works with those who have never stepped inside a gym before to others who have very specific training goals. Her sessions are always packed full of energy, laughter and hard work! When she’s not taking over the stereo system at N4 she teaches at Virgin Active, Soho Gyms, Gymbox, The Third Space, The Factory and Centric 3Tribes. She also writes for Time Out, eats a lot of chicken and loves making (healthy) cocktails!

loliya harrison

Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapist, Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist

BSc (Nutrition and Physiology)
PGCE (Science Teacher)
Registered Nutritional Therapy (DipION)
Level 3 In Personal Training
Level 5 in Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy
Certificate in Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise

Loliya uses a gradual and holistic approach. She concentrates on technique and addresses imbalances in movement. Optimum nutrition, proper rest and recovery are all parts of a complete fitness programme. These are key elements of Loliya’s own health and fitness regime.

Loliya believes in the possibility of a good quality of physical wellbeing, at any age. This has inspired her to become a Personal Trainer. She always recommends regular exercise alongside a focus on nutritional therapy.

Loliya has over 10 years experience working as a freelance Nutritional Therapist, helping people to manage their dietary related illnesses so that they can live healthier lives. Besides nutrition and health, Loliya is also passionate about fitness. She was a county athlete during her teenage years, competing in 100m, 200m and 400m at numerous athletic events.



Personal Trainer

Higher Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Sport Massage Level 3
Strength & Conditioning Core Lifts Certificate

Klaudia has been active from a young age. Taking part in all different sports has tough her how incredibly adjustable the human body is. Her passion to sport helped her decide to educate more into human biomechanics and anatomy. Finishing two years of university in sport and exercise science and becoming a personal trainer made her discover a deeper passion into fitness and gym training. Klaudia’s focus now is to educate, motivate and inspire clients to achieve their goals.

“I love to inspire, encourage and help motivate others in order to achieve health and fitness goals. I have a huge passion for fitness and sport. I enjoy educating clients by sharing my knowledge and helping them to adopt good habits to lead a healthily lifestyle outside their sessions. I have been PT for 3 years now, and I specialise in weight loss, strength, hypotrophy, circuit training and functional movements”.

Klaudia’s passion lies in banishing the myth that lifting weights makes you bulky as she sees this as the key part of her transformation. Once you start seeing the progress, you won’t quit.


Emily Newson

Personal Trainer

Emily’s background is in beauty and fashion with a heavy undercurrent of art and creativity. After 20 years as a stylist and make up artist, and becoming a Mum to her two boys, she wanted to use her diverse expertise for a different purpose. An exercise-junkie herself, Emily knew that “Make up and a fabulous outfit does so much, but nothing will ever make you smile like a fit, healthy body.” So, she re-trained as a PT. She focuses on listening to what her clients really want and creating a routine to give them results that are realistic and will make them smile at the end.
She particularly understand women’s bodies after having children. She focusses on developing strength and regaining that postnatally, with core work, pelvic floor strengthening and fat loss.
“If you put the effort in, anything is achievable. Great nutrition combined with training that you enjoy AND that delivers results means you get to live in your body the way we are supposed to….happy and healthy."

yvette carter

Personal Trainer

Level 3 in Personal Training

Yvette has been a dancer since a young age and had always participated in numerous sports and keeping fit. This energy continued and she went on to professional dance training and acquired a degree in theatre dance from the prestigious London Studio Centre. After many years dancing professionally on stage and screen, she turned her attention to the fitness industry. A qualified Level 3 personal trainer and an instructor of a variety of class formats, she specialises in functional training for the everyday individual. Dedicated and extremely personable, Yvette can work with you to achieve short term weightloss goals or long term sporting achievements.

"For me, it's about trying anything once but finding the reason you love it, that makes you go back. I know how precious time is but I also know how important keeping fit, exercise and looking good is - because it is to me too. I'm not here to tell you it's easy, I'm here to show you it's possible. Give me your time and your dedication and I will give you a new you, a better you... A future you.”



Personal Trainer

Sport & Exercise Science Honours Degree Personal Trainer Reps Level 3
Kickboxing Instructor
Adults & Adolescent Training Qualified
Sports Massage Level 3 & 4

Roman is dynamic sport professional with a Sport & Exercise Science Degree who specializes in weight loss, muscle gain, kickboxing techniques and intense pad workouts. 
He is highly passionate about creating and implementing fun & effective workout plans. 
"For as long as I remember I have been actively involved in sports, mainly Martial Arts. I also found an interest in Human Anatomy & Biomechanics which lead me to start studying Sport & Exercise Science. I have been working as coach & Personal Trainer for five years now. During this time I’ve helped a number of  individuals and athletes achieve their fitness goals. 
The most important thing I’ve learnt is that everyone is different, what works for me won’t work for everybody. My goal as a Personal Trainer is to discover what works for my clients individually and teach them how to achieve their desired goals. I thrive on motivating athletes, building productive relationships and creating effective strategies to support the success of athletes with whom I work."